Updates for March 2024

April 5, 2024
by Oleg Klimov

In March, we introduced fundamental improvements in the server (self-hosting and Enterprise): now you can train several fine-tunes and serve it to different teams inside your company, without any loss in speed! Fine-tuning now supports StarCoder2 models. We added chat system prompt and toolbox customization. Continue reading for more details!

New plan: Teams Teams, a simplified version of Enterprise plan, is hosted on our cloud and provides per-user statistics and multi-user access control. It’s perfect for companies wanting to test-drive Enterprise without a full server deployment. Curious? Read our blog post about Teams and give it a try!

More commands in AI Toolbox (+custom)

Press F1 in VS code to access the expanded AI Toolbox:

/edit command in AI Toolbox

Custom System Prompt in Chat

Set up your own system prompt as the default for chat in both VS Code and JetBrains settings.

Example of system prompt you can create in a YAML file

With Enterprise, you can also allocate different default prompts to various teams.

New Models

Added in March and available for fine-tuning:

Enterprise and Self-hosted Updates

Docker v1.5.0:

  • It’s easier to train and compare fine-tune runs:
    • Set up multiple projects with different source files
    • Run several multi-GPU fine-tune runs simultaneously
  • The Enterprise version now has team preferences
    • Set fine-tune for chat and code completion models per team
    • Set custom default chat system prompt per team model training

Plugins Updates

Compatibility Notices

We hope you liked the March updates of AI coding assistant! Our team is making it the best copilot alternative with fine-tuning and features, boosting developer productivity.