Teams: Cloud-Hosted AI Coding Assistant with Per-User Statistics

March 13, 2024
by Katia Bystrakova

Considering Enterprise for your company, but want to see its impact before deploying it on your own servers? We’ve got you covered. Meet Teams!

Teams is a Beta version of Enterprise, hosted in our cloud. It can accommodate up to 20 developers and offers Access Control and User Statistics, allowing team admins to monitor how much code completes for each user. This provides a clear picture of how boosts team performance and makes coding faster.

Think of Teams as an enhanced account, managed by an admin. Users get API keys to log into Enterprise from any supported code editors, accessing PRO features:

Per-User Statistics

With Teams, the impact of AI on daily developer productivity is transparent. Admins have access to per-user statistics, tracking the amount of code writes for the team.

The Stats dashboard includes AI vs human completion counts per day, week, and month, impact by programming language, and information about user activity.

HTMX Teams Workspace has the same interface as our Enterprise inference, so you can get used to the functionality before upgrading to the full version.

Getting Started with Teams

It’s simple to get for your team:


Good news! We’re offering a 1-month free trial of Teams. Write us to get started — your team will receive a powerful and accurate AI coding assistant with a measurable impact on productivity gains.

In the future, we plan to enhance Teams with LoR switching and basic fine-tuning on your codebase. If you want these features now, try Enterprise! It’s a full-function version of Teams, with secure on-prem deployment and the ability to train LLM on your codebase for the most precise AI completions (up to 45% of code generated by AI privately fine-tuned on your stack). Fill out the form to get a 2-week free access!