Updates for January 2024

February 1, 2024
by Katia Bystrakova

In January 2024, we rolled out version 1.3 of the self-hosting server, introduced per-user statistics that help to understand how much AI helps to write code, and made a lot of updates to IDE plugins, including a new one for Visual Studio. Continue reading for more details!

Quickly Try Self-Hosting with

Now it’s easy to try our self-hosting server and the Enterprise version on Here is the guide you can follow in a matter of minutes.

With our own GPU, you can try fine-tuning of a code completion model! It’s easy, no special skills required.

A fine-tuned model will adapt to your code base, coding style, and remember your APIs. As a result, you will get more relevant completions and increase the productivity of your team.

You can also try the Enterprise version of It’s easy to set up: efficient inference, encrypted connection for multiple users, and per-user statistics.

Check out the video with deployment guide:

Introducing User Statistics

With the self-hosting server, you can now track how much code writes for your team. You can break down the stats by programming language, model, day or week. It’s great to see the impact on your productivity in numbers!

New Models

Added in January:

The most important of these is Mixtral 8x7B. It’s the first time we see an open model working as good as GPT-models on code improvement tasks.

For example, you can try to make code shorter, find & fix bugs. Works in our in-IDE chat or with /shorter and /bugs commands in the AI Toolbox (press F1).

Running AI Toolbox /bugs command, using the Mistral 8x7B model

New Plugin: Visual Studio

Good news for Visual Studio Classic users, we’re out at your fav marketplace! Feel free to download and try it with this link.

It open source, too:

Better JetBrains Plugin

JetBrains IDEs are now faster, with many bugs fixed, and compatible with Android Studio. Get it at the JB marketplace!

Added AMD Support

Now, supports AMD cards. Check the details in this PR. As is open-source, this feature was contributed by our user. Many thanks, 88Ocelot 🙏

Self-hosted OSS and Enterprise Versions Updates

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